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What is a cookie?

A cookie is an identifier that we create on your computer. With the help of your browser, you can see the cookies that have been created on your hard drive and erase them whenever you want to. We use cookies to make your shopping experience easier.

The cookie also allows us to increase our website’s interactivity and to offer you a better service. It is merely a text file that remains stored on your hard drive. Personal information contained in a cookie is limited to what you willingly supplied, such as when you fill out a form on a web page or ask for more information about an item that you wish to purchase online.

Also, access to the information contained in a cookie.txt file remains very limited. If a web page saves information in your “cookie.txt” file (stored on your hard drive), a page from another website cannot access that information (unless it comes from the same domain, such as www.latulippe.com).

Only other pages from the website that created the cookie can access the information contained in that file.


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