• Published on October 25, 2018 Icebreaker autumn coats

    "Yes! Autumn is definitely here, but we still have a lot of good days ahead of us before we even think about taking out our beanies, scarves abd coats that are too heavy, too hot for the current season. And I have some ideas of autumn coats to ...

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  • Published on June 15, 2018 Choosing one’s tent: the complete guide

    Camping is an economical way to enjoy one’s vacation especially when we bring the whole family. A minimum of preparation and good equipment will allow one to fully enjoy the experience. Since camping is often synonymous with adventure, nature an...

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  • Published on September 11, 2017 Cooking at the campsite : the complete guide

    Whether at the campsite or on the road, the preparation of meals is in itself one of the key elements of an unforgettable experience. One of the challenges is to prepare meals that are as flavorful and delicious as those we cook at home. Having ...

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  • Published on July 11, 2017 RV Camping: the must-haves

    Photography by Vincent Drolet Finally! You are now the owner your first recreational vehicle. Congratulations! However, in order to fully enjoy your new acquisition, you must add equipment to make your adventures as much fun as in your dreams. ...

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  • Published on December 6, 2016 The best snowshoe trails around Quebec City

    Snowshoeing is an excellent winter sport to test your limits and to discover natural sceneries of the province of Quebec. Snowshoeing is accessible to all: it doesn’t require a specific training and can be done at only a few minutes drive from t...

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  • Published on November 11, 2016 How to hunt the partridge or ruffed grouse

    No need to go to a faraway place to hunt the ruffed grouse, the bird that Quebec small game hunters still call “partridge”. You will find it close to your home! Partridges love to live in the forests that have been “modified” by humans. Hunt the...

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  • Published on October 26, 2016 The perfect venison burger

    The big game hunter, when successful, gets some nice venison to eat. Despite the fact that it consists of choice cuts, inevitably, we are left with our share of ground meat. Some include it in their spaghetti sauce, their shepherd’s pies or thei...

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  • Published on June 27, 2016 Good fishing spots near Quebec City

    Too often, we think that we must travel long distances in order to catch our favorite fish. And here. In Quebec city, where Mr. Trout is the most popular, we believe that there are no other species, simply because they are not in the vicinity. ...

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  • Published on March 16, 2016 How to make a deer mineral site

    Lots of things have been said and written about products likely to foster deer’s interest and attract it in a given sector. Among these, mineral sites, if they are well made, will satisfy the animal, and, indirectly, the deer hunting fan. How t...

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  • Published on May 19, 2006 Trout at the beginning of the fishing season

    Since the fishing season has just begun, it’s time to think about the technique to use on your first outing. Brook trout (or speckled char) are coldwater fish whose favorite temperature is between 52 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Let’s keep in mind...

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  • Published on August 8, 2005 How to preserve fish that you catch

    Over the last few weeks, while the sun was burning our skin, and the days were hot and humid fishermen/anglers have asked me to advise them on the best way to keep their fish fresh. First, let me tell you that friends of mine that are “scientis...

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  • Published on November 14, 2001 Choosing a fishing line

    When comes the time to choose a line for the new fishing season, many questions arise, as a rising tide of products inundate the market and that the retail displays are getting larger and larger. What to do? First and foremost, you must clearly ...

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