• Published on July 27, 2017 Walleye fishing in Quebec

    Thousands of walleyes leave their spawning grounds on the Batiscan River to go feed in the St. Lawrence River each year. Being a smart fish, this fierce opponent offers anglers a very sporty fishing experience. Bruno Morency, who has been a fish...

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  • Published on July 11, 2017 RV Camping: the must-haves

    Photography by Vincent Drolet Finally! You are now the owner your first recreational vehicle. Congratulations! However, in order to fully enjoy your new acquisition, you must add equipment to make your adventures as much fun as in your dreams. ...

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  • Published on July 7, 2017 Discover paddle boarding

    As I'm writing this article, I'm sitting in a park in the sun. The weather is nice and warm. It's a perfect summer day. It smells like flowers and freshly cut grass. However, even if it's a beautiful day and I love writing, I'm dying to get in m...

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  • Published on June 13, 2017 Best places for camping in Quebec

    In terms of campgrounds in Quebec, there's no need to say, we have plenty of choice! With nearly 900 campgrounds covering the province’s 17 regions, there is one that will suit all tastes, or almost. . . Choosing a campground is like choosing a...

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  • Published on March 15, 2017 Barrel break in, myth or reality?

    Is it necessary to break-in my new rifle? Each week people ask me this question, and every time I say yes. Some call this procedure break-in, others lapping. . . Either way, if you buy a precision rifle or if you replace the barrel of your rifl...

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  • Published on December 6, 2016 The best snowshoe trails around Quebec City

    Snowshoeing is an excellent winter sport to test your limits and to discover new natural landscapes. Snowshoeing is accessible to everyone: it does not require any particular training and it can be done a few minutes only from the city. You can ...

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  • Published on November 29, 2016 Choose the right boot for the right activity!

    Purchasing winter boots often becomes more complicated than it really should. We frequently opt for an all-around model that will be suitable for as many activities as possible, and that is why we generally end up with freezing toes. The type a...

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  • Published on November 11, 2016 How to hunt the partridge or ruffed grouse

    No need to go to a faraway place to hunt the ruffed grouse, the bird that Quebec small game hunters still call “partridge”. You will find it close to your home! Partridges love to live in the forests that have been “modified” by humans. Hunt the...

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  • Published on November 4, 2016 Deer hunting tips

    What are your best tips for a successful deer hunt? We have asked this precise question to our collaborators. Here are their answers! General deer hunting tips Do you dream or tracking down a big male deer (buck) when a soft layer of snow cove...

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  • Published on October 26, 2016 The perfect venison burger

    The big game hunter, when successful, gets some nice venison to eat. Despite the fact that it consists of choice cuts, inevitably, we are left with our share of ground meat. Some include it in their spaghetti sauce, their shepherd’s pies or thei...

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  • Published on October 18, 2016 How to dress to run in the fall

    Over the past few years, more and more running enthusiasts have been observed the city. I'm one of them! I've been running for several years and in the fall, I like to put my road shoes aside and lace my trail shoes in order to vary my workout, ...

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  • Published on October 11, 2016 How to properly store your camping equipment

    At the end of each season, you must store your camping equipment in order to keep it in good condition for future use.Here are some tips from one of our Outdoor Department experts on this topic. Storing a tent To get rid of the tree sap stains...

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